Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dev D

I am not a bollywood movies expert, but I read somewhere that there were about 9 films already made about this self-destructive hero ("hero"? - a real looser, i will say). I hadn't seen the previous version of devdas starring shahrukh just because I found the trailers and especially the song "Maar Daala" a real "Emotional Atyachar".

Because It beared the Bindass banner and Anurag Kashyap's name as the director, I had entered the cinema hall with a lot of expectation. But I must admit, to my surprise the film was more superb than I had expected. I enjoyed every bit of the movie except some stupid kids behind my seat shouting silly remarks... One great thing about the film is that this otherwise gloomy story never leaves you grim faced. It's humorous and I couldn't help laughing at even the most tragic scence in the film. You never feel for the lead character Dev's tragedy. Let alone sympathise, it makes you feel the looser deserved that anyway. Much unlike the self-destructing hero Devdas, Dev's destruction is rooted in his world view and the typical Indian male ego, that always tries to rule over other's lives (and bodies ;-) ).

A must watch and destined to become one of the memorable hindi films of our times. I will play the catch phrase "Emosanal Atyachar" once again for the last time, and go to bed coz papa has given the 3rd and last warning to stop it....

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  1. amazing review man..
    its definitely, a must watch movie