Sunday, October 11, 2015

Expecting and Anxiuous

Just a week or two to go!!! 

The days are nearing and anxiety is setting in. But the heart is filled with lot of excitement. All near term plans are getting delayed or readjusted. All long term plans are in deep freeze.

Sadly, We had lost the first conception at around one and a half month last year which was heart wrenching, but were lucky enough to conceive again after another month.

What the mom-to-be must be feeling inside only she can know. We man can just imagine and amaze. It's funny how I used to smirk at someone posting cute baby pics on Facebook and others crowding to like and comment on each one of those - shoooo... Shweeet....

Will it be a preemie or full term on due date? If it will be normal or C-section? Will it be a boy or a girl?
If it will look like me or her? fingers crossed. But for sure, life will not be the same again.

Common little one. Papa is anxiously waiting for you.!!!

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